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Bitter, cold: anti-Wynne/wind turbine protest at Queen’s Park



Hundreds of people from rural Ontario piled into buses to Toronto, and on a freezing and windy February 24, gathered in front of the Ontario Legislative Building at Queen’s Park, and then at the Royal York Hotel, to protest against the Liberal’s Green Energy Act and to condemn Premier Kathleen Wynne’s continued cold-hearted proliferation of destructive, extremely harmful and utterly useless industrial wind turbines in rural Ontario. The monster machines have made life a special kind of hell for the people living in their midst, and represent a horrendous, possibly corrupt economic, environmental and fiscal Liberal boondoggle.

Urbanites should scroll down and take a good look at the faces of these brave people whose communities are being turned into industrial wind factories, and whose health, livelihood, quality of life, community harmony, wildlife, environment, and property values are being systematically destroyed.

Meanwhile, electricity costs are going through the roof and will continue…

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Opting For The Glass Door Houston

Houston Glass Repair

Why should you select a glass door?

This is a question which everyone will have in their mind. Glass being so delicate is not a very feasible option. If this is your thought, it is time to change it. Gone are the days when glass was very fragile. Today, the glass material has evolved and technology has made it very strong. Thus, durability is something which it provides. But you should be very careful about the chipping of the tips of the glass. You should be careful about this and everything else is taken care. Thus, the glass door Houston is not as fragile as you think but this also depends on the type of glass that you have purchased and the budget you have for it.

Want to use this door for your office cabin? 

This is a very good idea and you can very well get it done…

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Glass Scratch Repair Toronto

Ever since the discovery of glass hundreds of years ago, man has constantly been molding it and changing its composition to suits his needs. There are a lot of commercial office spaces that make use of various types of glass to beautify their surroundings. Whether it is doors, enclosures or windows, all these things are made from glass and when any of these things break, you have no other choice but to get in touch with a commercial glass repair specialist. In this article, I am going to look at some of the reasons why you might need these experts:

1. Wind- I’m sure you would have faced a situation where you went to work one morning only to realize that last night’s storm broke one of your office windows. In such situations, there is nothing you can do except call a glass repair expert. These experts will be able to assess the situation appropriately and repair/change the broken glass as the case may be. Don’t settle for sub standard repair services though as they will do a shabby job which will not only spoil the appeal of your office but will also endanger you and your fellow employees in the future.

2. If your office is situated around a residential area, there are always going to be kids playing nearby. Mistakes happen and it is inevitable that one of these kids is going to hit a ball through a window pane of yours at one or the other. While you can’t prevent this from happening you can definitely hire the right people when it does. Once again, I can’t stress enough on the fact that you should hire professionals for this job instead of settling for the first repair man that walks through your door.

3. Over a period of time, sediments will start to form inside glass and these sediments can’t just be wiped away using a wet cloth. You will need to hire experts to help get rid of these marks or learn to live with a dirty window pane. Here too, hiring a professional will ensure you get quality service with little trouble.

So you see broken glass isn’t the only reason why you may need a glass repair company in the future. While I agree that they aren’t important enough to have on speed dial it is still important that you at least find a reputable company and save their contact information somewhere so that you aren’t rushed into making a decision whenever you need them. Like I said, you will need them sooner or later. And anyway, isn’t it better to have their contact details and not need it than to need their contact details and not have it?